alon shabo

who are you?

i'm a pastry chef who loves to push boundaries. i'm obsessed with creating beautiful tarts made of tiny chocolate fractions that create an irresistible pastry.

where are you from?

i was born and raised in jerusalem. my family owns a big catering company that is just the opposite of what I do: simple yet very tasty food.

what is your passion?

colors, shapes and structures

best piece of advice?

smize (smile with your eyes) - a phrase which of course was invented by tyra banks on the show america's next top model. this is a great way of making myself and everyone around me feel happy.

3 things you can't live without


natural day light

my ergonomic pillow

what makes you feel alive?

working and communicating with people all day long.

what do you want to do next?

open a new pastry school in tel aviv, israel which combines not only pastry studies but also history, chemistry, digital and business.

what is your hashtag?