ashley + ami

who are you?

ashley szlachta: i am a woman of many trades. i am a yoga teacher, entrepreneur and leader. i want to bring people together in the world, to make a happier, healthier, more connected planet.

- - -

ami edelsztein: i'm a happy and positive person. i love life and people. i'm active and joyful. i'm here to remind everyone that life is a celebration. i'm love and light.

- - -

(co-founders of golden sun kombucha)

where are you from?

ashley: i'm from philadelphia, but i think of myself as a global citizen having traveled all around the world before i made my way to israel. i've lived in philly, california, new zealand, australia, europe and spent lots of time in india and southeast asia.

ami: i grew up in israel in kerem maharal, a tiny and quiet village in the carmel mountains, surrounded by green lush forest. everyone knows each other there and there is a sense of community. people there are really nice .

what is your passion?

ashley: my passion is to do creative things to bring people together, to have interesting conversations about the nature of life and how to be a better person, to move, breathe, and love. i am passionate about making and drinking kombucha, too

ami: my passion is to spread light, to remind myself and other that life is a game, and we are the creators of this game. my passion is to remind people to have fun, to heal themselves and trust there intuition. my passion is people- my friends and family and anyone really, i love the diversity of people. my passion is surfing and hiking.

best piece of advice?

ashley: time stretches for those who need it.

- - -
ami: don't listen to anyone, ever! take there advice and make your own decision.

3 things you can't live without

ashley: yoga, kombucha + my friends

- - -

ami: meditation, community + the sun

what makes you feel alive?

ashley: sharing amazing moments with amazing people, getting up in front of people to talk about something interesting/inspiring/life changing. dancing, practicing yoga, learning something new, swimming in the sea. seeing people drink our kombucha.

ami: meditating, surfing, doing a lot of yoga, dancing, having a deep connection with a person or group

what do you want to do next?

ashley: i want to have golden sun kombucha be an international brand and be on the shelves of every supermarket in israel
i want to teach international yoga teacher trainings in person and online, and regularly teach classes of hundreds of people with live music/djs.

ami: live the land (in nature), create a community healing space, create a temple, make babies, put kombucha on every shelf in Israel, travel, and surf bali again.

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