atalya ein mor

who are you?

i am atalya. i am a food enthusiast. i love what food brings to people. i am a chef. i love human beings. i am a food explorer. i like to discover new cultures through food. i try to bring people together through their hearts, spread love and peace. i am the author of the book cooking in ein karem that won the biggest international prize of cookbooks. i am also the partner of my partner roi, who i really love. wow...i am many things.

where are you from?

i am from ein karem. i think ein karem is unique because it's a village that preserved the character of a village, even though it's a part of the biggest city in israel. it is a place that has always attracted spiritual people. it was where john the baptiste was born. it is a place that is full of inspiration for poets, painters, people who practice yoga, meditation. we have all the people who came in 1948, a big immigration from yemen and morocco. it is very diverse: we have seven monasteries and churches, eight synagogues and one mosque, all in a little tiny village of 400 houses. what I love the about ein karem are the people who live here, the diversity, old, young, ashkenazi, sepharadi, religious people, secular people, all living together.

what is your passion?

my passion is cooking, hosting and meeting new people from around the world.

best piece of advice?

dream. because dreams come true.

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what makes you feel alive?

seeing people happy. seeing the joy in people and seeing them enjoying what I am doing with food.

what do you want to do next?

i  want to have my own TV show that will go around the world and discover new cultures through food.

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