gal and lital

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who are you?

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where are you from?

i am from hatikva neighborhood in south tel aviv, a very unique place that i love a lot. it is where i work and it is what i am passionate about.

what is your passion?

my passion is food, people, culture, and the mix and intersections between the three of those things. the way they work together. the way they influence each other. and the way they are super interesting to watch, to try and to eat.

what is your best piece of advice?

 dream. Because dreams come true.

3 things your can't live without:

1. family i love family. my original family, my parents, my siblings. friends who are family. i'm a part of a really big group of friends that is really close to each other. not necessarily biological family, but people who are family


2. food - yom kippur when we fast, i am miserable every year. i am suffering even though it's not from the hunger, it is from the inability to deal with food. it makes me really really sad


3. sunshine - i used to live in a cold climate for about a year. didn't really like it. i love the summer. i love the beach. i love being able to walk half-naked in the streets

what makes you feel alive?

markets make me feel alive. it doesn't have to be bazaars, it doesn't have to be your typical market, but i love places like new york mercado. i like it when people are coming together, eating, talking. there is this buzz going around. you can feel it. if you close your eyes you know immediately where you are. i really feel alive being a market no matter where i am in the world.

what do you want to do next?

i want to be the best in what we are doing right now. i want our company to be so good in storytelling, in narrative building, in food describing. i want to deal with happy people and drink wine and have tons of different food from all over the world and be able to travel and show other people things i am passionate about. i want to keep doing what i am doing now. just better, and harder and bigger.

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