elinoy kisslove

who are you?

my name is elinoy kisslove and i am a graffiti artist, an entrepreneur, a tour guide and founder of grafityul. after doing graffiti tours for six years, we decided to start doing other tours where we meet all kinds of local artists, craftsmen and people who make food. their food is a type of art. they bring their home and their passion to their life through food. we do tours in tel aviv, jerusalem, haifa, bethlehem, athens, and we are planning to open new branches in the next year.

where are you from?

originally from a small village called mishmar ayalon, but since i turned nine-years-old i have lived in tel aviv.

what is your passion?

my passion is to open people's hearts and eyes to things they didn't really see before. i love to meet people i don't know and hear their stories. i want to give people inspiration to create.

best piece of advice?

i have two good pieces of advice i have received. one, fake it until you make it. my friend recommended me to watch a ted talk about this that really changed my life. the other is to dream, imagine you can do things in life.

3 things you can't live without

love > to get affection from people and to feel loved

to feel like i'm doing something meaningful

running > i love to run. i've run marathons twice and running really helps me to take everything out and meditate

what makes you feel alive?

graffiti. i love it. i love the action, the anxiety it brings. and i also really like to see how people react when they see it, to see their emotions.

what do you want to do next?

i have a dream of affecting a whole area, a whole bunch of people. to paint a whole neighborhood and bring light and color. i dream to stand on stage and give inspiration to other people to create and to love themselves.

what is your hashtag