johnny + meir

who are you?

meir: i am meir kalderon. i'm a chef, a very logical one.

- - -

johnny: i'm johnny, or yonatan, heller. i started as a barista and a bartender. a few years later, i was managing places. i have worked at pronto and cafe europa.i had a place in florentin for four years. after that, i stayed at home for a bit with my family, started cooking for people, learned more about cooking, and really loved it. so me and meir started a pop-up version of bourekas.

where are you from?

johnny: originally from jerusalem, i came to tel aviv to start working in the restaurant business.

- - -

meir: i'm from israel with greek origins

what is your passion?

meir: my passion is to reach a lot of people with our neo-traditional bourekas.

- - -

johnny: i love food, i love music, i love the moment that people come and eat the food that i make and to see how they enjoy it. i think that's the main thing: to see people enjoy the things i do.

best piece of advice?

johnny: 'no' is an answer too. growing up as a child, you always want to hear a 'yes' and sometimes we forget that 'no' is an answer. i think that's one of the most important things i've learned in the last few years.

- - -

meir: dont look back.

3 things you can't live without

johnny:  my kids, my wife, my parents

- - -

meir: my family, my family, my family

what makes you feel alive?

meir:  mission accomplished make me feel alive.

- - -

johnny:  nothing can make me more alive than hardcore service. getting food for a lot of people at the same time, rush hour at the restaurant, all the noises of the kitchen, the floor and the dishes together make the most beautiful sound.

what do you want to do next?

johnny: bourekas was a changing point in my life. i hope that it will get strong enough to take to europe, to other places here in israel. i think the product is really, really good and really, really tasty. if a lot of people would try it and enjoy it the way i do, i'd be really, really happy about that.

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