murielle cohen

who are you?

i am a person who stands by her word. i love people. i love adventure and meeting the world. i like to always take a different route to where i need to go so that it's colorful. i like sparking my imagination.

where are you from?

originally, my parents are from morocco. i have a brother and sister who were born there, and the rest of us were born in montreal, so i'm first generation canadian. i grew up in a very anglo-environment, but it was such a weird thing because we were so different. we lived in a house where we always had guests staying with us, so my room was actually like a hotel room. i'd always sleep with my sister, on the couch or in the basement, so it is in my nature to move around and travel. and that's exactly what i did for years. it's how i ended up in israel.

what is your passion?

i love traveling. i love people too. i guess those two things mixed together, it makes sense that i do street art, graffiti workshops and tours. it involves people from all over. i like that i can meet as many people as i can, that's really my passion.

best piece of advice?

a friend of mine was talking to me about the art world and she said 'i don't know how anyone can take themselves too seriously.' wow. it really opened my mind. i don't know how many times i've heard that, but that was the time it clicked.

3 things you can't live without

the people i love

my family family‚Äč

what makes you feel alive?

my husband and my children really make me feel alive. no pressure on all the rest. everything else i want to do, i just try and dabble in it. some i get and some i don't, but i think the main thing is that i have my family. i've done that!

what do you want to do next?

in my lifetime, i would love to find a treasure. i've always wanted to find a hidden treasure in a box somewhere. not something spooky, but something really cool.

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