nadav malin

who are you?

i'm a chef of a boutique catering company (luiza catering) and the head of slow food jerusalem chapter.

where are you from?

i am from jerusalem and now living in a small kibbutz on the outskirts of jerusalem

what is your passion?

well, food of course!

best piece of advice?

open your mind to everything. sometimes we are so locked inside our senses and mind that we can perceive only what they allow us to, but there is still so much out there for us to discover.

3 things you can't live without

machne yehuda market



what makes you feel alive?

being at nature, especially in the forest

who inspires you?

if i have to point to one in particular, it is my teacher for kitchen creativity in the basque culinary center, xavier gutierrez.

what do you want to do next?

eventually i want to have my own small restaurant with only natural food, vegetable garden and my space to totally experiment with food

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