omri taub

who are you?

i try to think of myself as a “yes man”.  i’m willing to try everything that this world has to offer. i'm also a photographer and creator of

where are you from?

i grew up in karmiel, moved to tel aviv when i was 21, had a tiny break of a year and a half in the philippines and now i’m back in jaffa.

what is your passion?

my passion is life! as i said, i want to try and experience all.
but to be specific, my main passion is surfing. from there i developed photography skills which motivated me to travel and capture the world and surfers around the world.

best piece of advice?

don’t be right, be smart.

3 things you can't live without

the ocean

tel aviv

my dog motke

what makes you feel alive?

when i’m out there, riding a wave or capturing a surfer riding a wave, this is a feeling i can’t express with words.

what do you want to do next?

i want to keep on traveling and be able to surf every day

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