strange fruit

who are you?

strange fruit is a collective of crazy talented queer people that love each other and love the stage. this is our way to make fun of the mainstream and to make fun of life.

aviv shalem as:

asis d’orange

zoya bronshteyn as:

fka anton

tamar movshovich as:

syrup mapplethorpe

ronny chokron as:

nona chalant

oded zadok as:


where are you from?

we come from all over, but we united here in tel aviv

what is your passion?

nona: my passion is to explore identity through fashion, styling and makeup. to create art and to bring my visions and concepts to life. i really like to do pioneer projects in drag, stuff people have never done. i was the first israeli drag queen in italian vogue seven years ago and that's how i started doing my fashion tours. part of my fashion is to break the stigmas around drag art.

asis: my passion is making art. the human soul and the human mind are the biggest inspiration for my art. also the situations we deal with every day as trans people and our hopes dreams and wishes for a better world to create a reality of peace, compassion and acceptance. humor and comedy also.

syrup: words. odd materials. undefined body movements and sounds. trying figuring out someone else's thoughts and finding differences and similarities between our points of view, and our experience in this world. and mainly, putting all of this together in art.

zaza: my passions are design, creating, performing, researching spirituality, nature, throwing workshops, throwing people...

pick 1 desert island item:

syrup: lash curler. i bet this scary machine can make a very good shovel/cooking utensil/compass/any tool ever.

fka: i would take my phone.

nona: black eyeliner

- - -

asis: honey, if i’m on an island, i am taking nothing with me! i’m going barefoot, butt naked, hair out, enjoying the sun, the fruit and the water.

best piece of advice?

nona: take your art out of the closet

- - -

zaza: to collaborate with others

asis: my mom told me, 'do only whats best for you.' then i started challenging this idea of 'what is me.' am i just me, myself or am i part of some kind of a global community of humans?

- - -

syrup: keep doing what you do.

- - -

fka: i have received a lot of great advice, but i’m terrible at applying it. right now, i think the most important advice i need to try and apply is, 'learn to say no, and learn how to ask for help.'

what makes you feel alive?

nona: avant garde crazy looks, alternative israeli fashion, all the colors, and good music

fka: my dog, my girlfriend, the stage and being busy.

- - -

syrup: crying. out of sadness, joy, inspiration, anger, great love or over-whelming experience. crying the no-words emotions.

zaza: creating, humanity, music and movement

- - -

asis: feeling connected to my body and to allowing myself to feel all the feelings that want to emerge from my heart, no matter if it’s pain, shame, love, passion...everything is welcome. just letting it all be and not condemning anything. i also enjoy nature, being with other humans that i love and eating fruits!

what do you want to do next?

nona: next i have this project haganona with small children that shows the harmony and magic that there is that people don't see a lot.
i would also love to stop the stigmas about queens. this art is for everyone to enjoy!

asis: my aim in life is to create an artistic community where we live together, create political art and research the ideas of free love, sexuality and the connection of these topics to world peace and ecology.

fka: i would like to tour the world, earn more money, eat more tomatoes, continue creating drag and working with the beautiful strange fruit team. basically i feel i’m on the right track.

syrup: make a living just from art, but that would take many concessions and decisions i'm currently holding. mainly, feel more comfortable in my own skin, as an artist and as a person, and pass that to others.

describe yourselves in a hashtag

fka: #chaosbutwemakeitwork

- - -

nona: #weird&beautiful

- - -

asis: #strangefruit - it’s the name of our collective, but I think that all of us are definitely strange and fruity people growing on a crazy crazy tree. all of us have unique tastes, flavors and colors. the combination, the fruit salad that we are making...this makes me proud