yotam arad

who are you?

my name is yotam arad, i’m an industrial designer and a collector of joyful things. i'm also the artist behind my plastic childhood.

where are you from?

i’m from levinsky market in florentin in southern tel aviv: the only place in the world that's actually made out of sugar, spice and everything nice. most of my adult life i have lived in markets, something about the pace and the atmosphere, it's almost like a living organism. i love it.

what is your passion?

reverse engineering - every aspect of life. i can't stop trying to understand why things look and behave the way they do, why did that person talk like that, why did they put that button there, why does this rock look like that. everything has a reason and a history, sometimes it makes a really good story.

best piece of advice?

"the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing"

3 things you can't live without



a nearby body of water

what makes you feel alive?

discomfort. i find it healthy, i almost seek it. i think that as long as you have that small voice inside saying, "that's not the best of this situation, i can make it better" you are in a good place.

what do you want to do next?

i want to see a real whale and to build a tiny house on wheels inside a subaru e10 for my tiny family. i also have this idea of going around the globe and sharing creative tools with people who don't have them. i thought about taking a tiny 3d printer to villages in africa or giving indian children experience with a green screen. i just want to see what will happen.

what is your hashtag?